Poly Park Star

independently introduction , customer satisfied ,Self- realization

Poly Park Star

Become world famous brand of children playground equipment company, substantiation Poly Park Star a century foundation.

Poly Park Star

consider the children all around the world enjoy the pleasure from Poly Park Star products.

Research & Development

Poly Park Star group emphasize to be an efficient suplier , we must keep working hard to meet client’ s requires. All these actions can help to make ideas and with the help of most advanced computer soft ,the idea can be a design background ,using advance soft tools ,

Service & support

The sales department will take different measures according to the specific information gathered from the client and the contract. And then preparing the best solution to the problem

Quality Control Department

All our products are fulfilled with the request of international quality management system ,so they keep tracking and monitoring the IQC.IPQC and OQC all the way. Poly Park Star never stop to complete the management team for quality inspection ,and found a strict security system for all rules.

Company culture

Poly Park Star ‘ s purpose: independently introduction , customer satisfied ,Self- realization Poly Park Star ‘ s goal: Become world famous brand of children playground equipment company, substantiation Poly Park Star a century foundation

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As soon as the department receive a massage from our client we will cover  the problem  by specific, fast ,high-tech and professional   assistants, we will respond  our client by phone call ,fax and emails as soon as possible


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Poly Park Star people never forget to work and to be the head of era  and be continuously entering new field ,opening up and new market .


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Our brand Poly Park Star is well-known and with a reputed history in both domestic and overseas market. Our product are widely held in schools and residential apartments, hotel, parks, shopping centers, public places, and so on all around the world.

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our priority are people , entirely management, make the life better with our science  and contribution.

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For any more info please contact us as follows:

Tel: 0098 21 8892 5113 -4

 Fax: 0098 21 8892 4415

Email : info@polyparkstar.co


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