Poly Park Star Company Profile

 Poly Park Star Group CO. Ltd founded in 1993 and is located  in Tehran, Iran.  we started to manufacture outdoor  playground, and supplying all kinds of related facilities for amusement parks ,recreational complexes, hotels, shopping centers, kindergarten and pre-schools.

  Poly Park star co has established one of the modern factories in Middle East in 2013 to produce polyethylene parts. With experiences for 22 Years, we have developed into a modernized production factory with an area of over 10000 square meters and about 100 of expert employee with professional automatic equipment. our goal group is Become world famous brand of children playground equipment company .

 These days, the technology is highly developed. An efficient R & D and continuously introduction is the main attempt of our company over the years. We are working hard to achieve a running system .we are observing healthy development of children as the first component of our products which are strictly entered with international playground safety standard.

The material we use are non-toxic. Our brand Poly Park Star is well-known and with a reputed history in both domestic and overseas market. Our product are widely held in schools and residential apartments, hotel, parks, shopping centers, public places, and so on all round the world.

Our products are in 5 categories:

1- Polyethylene  playground

2-Modern products

3- Rope products

4- Spiderman Climbing

5- Polyethylene Parts


Company culture

Poly Park Star‘s purpose: independently introduction, customer satisfied, Self- realization

Poly Park Star‘s goal: Become world famous brand of children playground equipment company, substantiation Poly Park Star a century foundation.

Poly Park Star‘s guiding principle: Introduction goes first before the development , facing challenge  go before breakthrough.

Poly Park Star’s duty: consider the children all around the world enjoy the pleasure from Poly Park Star products.

Poly Park Star‘s policy: Technological enhancing of our industry, universalized  the marketing. Knowledgeable talents internationalizing brand.

Poly Park Star‘s Spirit: Poly Park Star people never forget to work and to be the head of era and be continuously entering new field ,opening up and new market .

Poly Park  Star ‘s value: our priority are people , entirely management, make the life better with our science  and contribution.